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Build 1405 Available for Download

This was a close one. I had set a goal of implementing a respawn system for this release, but I didn’t make it. I’ve managed to kill the player and I have a rudimentary bloodline system in place, but respawning from a blueprint is proving to be a...


Build 1404 Available for Download

For a while there, I was worried that I’d have to spend tonight writing a post on why I blew a deadline, but, thankfully, after much frustration, I do have something to show. It’s not much, but it is something. The jump from UDK to UE4 was a...


Build 1402 Available for Download

By far the meatiest changelog to date. Changelog added dissTimestamp to store and calculate individual points in time. added a version stamp to the upper-righthand corner of the HUD. added tiredness: being awake now gradually increases your tiredness. There are currently no adverse effects, but eventually letting tiredness...


Build 1401b Available for Download

Plenty of changes in this build! Most of the changes are backend, and there are still plenty of bugs to be tracked down and worked out, but there is a distinct visual difference between 1312 and 1401b. You can download 1401b directly from Changelog: added WIP terrain....


Build 1401a Available for Download

Changelog: added a small, relatively flat bit of terrain to walk around on. added UTGame vehicles and weapons. fixed cooking: game now runs correctly on systems other than my own. Download 1401a


Build 1312 Available for Download

Changelog: Initial release. Problem: cooked code is not executing properly, so you can’t really do anything. This download is available only for posterity’s sake. If you really, really want to, download 1312.