Build 1508


Well, this isn’t how this is supposed to go.

I got damn near nothing accomplished this month, and it feels bad. I’ve made a commitment to bundle everything up into a a running executable at the end of every month, though, so I’m going to do that, even if only out of principle.

Hopefully my work situation will settle down a little bit in the coming weeks and I’ll be able to get back into a good groove.



  • moved inventory code into its own component.

Known Bugs

The ocean is solid, preventing you from swimming in it.

The esc menu is reluctant to give and take focus, requiring the user to click once to focus it upon opening and click once again to defocus it after closing the menu.

Turning headbob off will cause the player’s head to move through the camera while running or sprinting, temporarily obstructing your view.

Running out of living people to spawn into upon death will cause you to freeze in place and will display a debug message onscreen. To “fix” this, open the console and type RestartLevel, then press enter.

During periods of high CPU use, ragdolls may occasionally fall through terrain. This can sometimes also occur if you rapidly toggle in and out of ragdoll mode while moving.

There is a very small chance that everyone alive may die before the player has a chance to start playing.

The game may crash upon exiting. If this occurs, try updating your video drivers.


You can download 1508 as a self-extracting archive (300mb, 714mb decompressed) directly from

If you’d prefer, there are also .torrent and magnet downloads available (both 714mb, uncompressed). This is only experimental at this point and isn’t guaranteed to be available in the future.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Please Note

To start the game, extract the contents of the archive and run PlayGame-1080p.bat. You can edit this file if you’d like to change the resolution to better match your screen.

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