Saga of Vol. II: Story Tales (working title) is a singleplayer roleplaying game in which the player assumes the role of not just a single character, but an entire bloodline.


Death & Generation Flow

Death in Saga is permanent; whether it be a glorious death in combat, a clumsy fall off a cliff, or a peaceful slipping away during the night, player characters and NPCs alike have but a short time in the world. Upon their death, the player will assume control of their character’s next of kin; a brother, daughter, or someone else, and resume play anywhere from a week to several years after they left off.


Skills & Genetics

Skill points gained with the first character will be lost to time, but they will leave their mark on the player’s bloodline; during the character changeover, the player will have the opportunity to make subtle changes to the DNA of their next character. Nucleotides can be mixed and matched to enhance a character’s fighting ability, or to lower their susceptibility to magic. Repeated genetic engineering will eventually unlock skills and abilities available only to certain genetic sequences; a “spec” is done not to the character, but to the character’s DNA, over the course of hundreds, or even thousands, of years.


Combat & Interaction with other Bloodlines

Hack-and-slash combat from a first- or third-person perspective.

Forge friendships, create rivalries, etc.


Permanence of Events

The world is marked by the player: villages will go on after the player’s death, and even if abandoned by a human player, can grow into sprawling cities. Non-player characters (AI) may choose to commemorate battle sites with a monument, or haunt it after their death.



Regular releases every month.

Hand-me-down multiplayer: if you get bored of a particular game or paint yourself into a corner and can’t go on, you can choose to abandon your bloodline and upload the game to be played by others. Similarly, when starting a new game, you’ll have the option of starting with a fresh, blank slate, or starting in a world that has already been marked by another player, and doing business with or going to war against their descendants.